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What Wind?

As a church, we have recently taken several months to talk about four elements that effect the life of every Christian. This blog will deal with these four elements and how they ultimately direct our lives.


The first "Wind" if you will, is Transformation. This takes us to the place where God can begin to work on us and our lives. At this point in our walk with God everything is new and one of the major characteristics of this stage is repentance. Without repentance we cannot begin the process of living for God. This is where we agree that God is supreme, he has all power, and he the ability to take the life of sin that I have lived and turn it into, transform it, into something good.


The second "wind" is that of Restoration. At this point, our sins have been washed away and we are beginning our new life. We can feel the power of deliverance that has taken up residence in our being. We have experienced something that is life changing and that is the power of the Holy Ghost. Old things have passed away and NOW all things have become new. God is bringing us back into a right relationship with him day by day.


The third "wind" is that of Empowerment. This experience picks up where the first two left off. We have turned from the ways of our past. We have experienced God in a new dimension and now, not only have our sins been washed away and we are in a right relationship with God, but He has also given us power to live FREE FROM SIN! Four Winds believes that the Bible is clear when it states that we can live free from sin and its stronghold on our lives. The Bible even states in John 8:36 KJV - 36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. You do not have to entertain old habits and devices... You are free indeed and you have been given power to live free from sin every day!


The fourth "wind" is Growth. This is where we no longer are held captive by the adversary of our soul but, we allow the Power of the Holy Ghost to lead and guide us into a deeper relationship with God. We begin to make changes in our lives that help us avoid pitfalls. We being to develop a love for God and His People. We have a desire to share our experience and we are growing closer to God and His Body of Believers while studying His Word and ministering to the needs of others.

I hope you will allow the "wind" to move in your life. It will most definitely change you from the inside out! It is our prayer that you will reach out to us if you have a need! We would love to join you in your journey to live for God!



Pastor James Driver




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