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The Winds of Revival

We have faced many changes over the past two years. Our lives have been hit with a ton of uncertainty, but we have also learned how to exist in our "new" surroundings. As I thought of this, I was taken to a message the I heard some time back. The message was concerning the winds of revival. Not everything about revival is comfortable. Not everything about revival is an addition of. Some stages of revival require us to lose parts of our being that need to be taken off. We need to have things that have become weights to us instead of helps taken away. We need to have attitudes changed and our direction refocused.

We often think of revival as this thing that happens to the church. Instead, I would like to be convinced that a church revival is only a product of many individuals experiencing revival. God often deals with us on a personal level long before he deals with the church. He is drawing us into a place of change so that we can put away things that are holding us back and binding us. He is asking individuals to examine themselves. Are you in the faith or not? Asking these questions come about as a result of a stirring... a wind blowing through our lives bringing about a necessary change!

So, when you feel prompted to deal with issues and situations in your life that might be very uncomfortable for you, remember, God is trying to move you to a place of deeper commitment so that you can withstand the storm that is surely to come. Our parents probably told all of us something like this. Nothing in life is free. This is so true when it comes to your relationship with God. Every time you gain something in your walk with God, you can almost rest assured that you will have to let something go.

Let the winds blow... It's changing you! You are about to experience something you have never experienced before.

God Bless,

Pastor James


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