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Spirit Break Out

Pushing Beyond the place of complacency.

Be still and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Psalm 46:10

Rest assured knowing your faith is in Jesus Christ.

Rest assured knowing you don't have to search all over, looking here or there for the answer, our Bibles tell us that Gods plan of Salvation is for us.

: Be still (stop searching the world)

: And Know (apply your faith to your life)

: That I am God (Here, O Israel the Lord our God is one Lord)

Be lifted up in your faith and Encourage one another.

If we want to push deeper in our prayer life, we have to put "things" down. These "things" could range from our phone all the way to our mental thoughts. The Bible says for us to cast our cares on Him. If our thoughts are keeping us from His presence, there is a breakthrough coming. Make it known unto God. Sharing our most intimate moments with God is what He is looking for. This relationship is the most beautiful and vulnerable relationship we could ever have. Many times we leave the presence of God and we have nothing. That can all change today. When we make up in our minds to Wholly serve Him. Then shall that fire in your bones be ignited, then shall your witness touch a life, then shall out of your mouth flow words as sweet as honey. Move out of your norm...pray longer, clap louder, dance longer, shout the loudest.

Be encouraged that fear has no place in your relationship with God. Be lifted up knowing that we are born again children of the one true king, Jesus. Rejoice evermore for we were not created to be sinners, but created to worship and serve Him. but we are saved by the blood of Jesus, and yes, we fall short of His glory every single day, but we have this hope....

Be encouraged Saints knowing Heaven is waiting.


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